VIDEO: Hear Mikel Arteta’s shocking thoughts about William Saliba’s own goal against Leicester City.

Arsenal’s manager Mikel Arteta has spoken about the incident that took place which every player and club detest against fellow English side on Saturday. Arsenal’s defender William Saliba sent in a header to his goal side but unfortunately for him, he sent in Leicester City’s first goal of the match as Aaron Ramsdale couldn’t get to the ball in time.

He was cheered up by the crowd, his fellow teammates and his coach seeing clearly how disappointed at himself he looked. The own goal came in 8mins after the second half began with Arsenal winning 2 goals to nil at the time. Despite the little bump, the player still gave a show and played his best until the final whistle was blown. Below is a video of Mikel Arteta talking about the incident and what he thinks of the player.