Javier Tebas Fight With Barcelona President Joan Laporta Continues As He Plans Smear Campaign Against Barcelona President

Barcelona and La Liga have had a tumultuous relationship in recent times, with various issues causing friction between the two organizations. However, recent reports suggest that the situation is escalating. According to a reliable source, La Liga President Javier Tebas is reportedly preparing to leak information about Barcelona President Joan Laporta to tarnish his reputation.

The two sides have been at odds over several issues, including the Superleague, the CVC deal, and salary limits imposed by La Liga. Barcelona has argued that the league has been overly harsh in its treatment of the club compared to others. The relationship between Tebas and Laporta has been strained, in contrast to Tebas’s predecessor, Josep Maria Bartomeu, who had a positive relationship with the President of La Liga.


Laporta himself has commented on the situation through a tweet from “La Portera de Nunez”. In the tweet, Laporta alleges that Tebas is searching for someone to spread false information about him and that this is the result of disagreements between the two sides. Laporta also pointed out that Tebas has been seen promoting articles against the current management of Barcelona, despite having approved of the club’s financial drift for a decade.

One of the articles in question was written by Marcal Llorente and published in Mundo Deportivo, in which he defended La Liga against accusations of being overly harsh on Barcelona. Llorente is a controversial figure in the Barcelona media, as it was previously revealed that he received significant payments from Barcelona under Bartomeu to influence media coverage. Llorente is also known for his criticism of Laporta in the past.

Tebas’s promotion of Llorente’s article is a clear indication of his stance towards Laporta. If there are indeed plans to leak information about Laporta, it would appear that Tebas is determined to undermine the Barcelona President. This latest development highlights the political nature of Spanish football and the willingness of two of its largest organizations to engage in such tactics.

In conclusion, the relationship between Barcelona and La Liga continues to be marred by tension and disputes. The recent allegations of a smear campaign against Laporta by Tebas only serve to escalate the situation further. As Spanish football continues to navigate these challenges, it will be important for both sides to work towards resolving their differences constructively and peacefully.

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