Where to get Affordable temporal housing in the UK as an immigrant, aside Airbnb?

Finding cheap temporary housing is a critical initial step in the process of settling down for immigrants arriving in the United Kingdom.

While Airbnb is a popular choice, several other options can provide cost-effective solutions for your temporary housing needs.

Temporary rentals can be found on platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor, Homestay, and Booking.

Short-term lease apartments are frequently furnished and much easier to find.

If you still need to wait for your delivered items to arrive and/or want to take your time finding the ideal permanent housing for your needs, you may want to choose this option.

In this comprehensive article, we will check out some of the most viable options available, ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Where to Get Affordable Temporal Housing in the UK as an Immigrant, Aside from Airbnb

Here are some options to consider when getting temporal housing in the UK as an immigrant, aside from Airbnb.

1. RightMove

Rightmove is one of the leading property websites in the United Kingdom, catering to both buyers and renters looking for homes, flats, and commercial properties.

This online platform has gained immense popularity due to its extensive database of property listings and user-friendly features.

Benefits of RightMove

  • Wide Selection of Properties
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Detailed Property Listings
  • Property Alerts
  • Maximum Exposure
  • Professional Marketing Tools
  • Expert Advice:
  • Cost-Effective Advertising

Requirement Needed to Get Temporal Housing on Rightmove

  • Financial Eligibility
  • Rental References and History
  • Security Deposit and Fees
  • Lease Terms and Conditions
  • Insurance

Estimated Price of Temporal Housing on Rightmove

Average asking rents for new tenants outside of London reached another new record this quarter of £1,231 per calendar month (PCM).

The average asking rent for a typical home outside of London is now a third (33%) higher than at this time in pre-pandemic 2019, increasing by more than £300 from £923 pcm.

In comparison, average asking rents for new tenants outside of London increased by only £71 (8%) between 2015 and 2019, highlighting the rapid increase in new asking rents as tenant demand has increased and the number of properties available to rent has been steadily squeezed since the pandemic.

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2. Zoopla

Zoopla.co.uk is a prominent property website in the United Kingdom, offering a wide range of features and services to both property seekers and sellers.

We will delve into the benefits of Zoopla.co.uk, highlighting its key features and how it can simplify your property-related endeavours.

Benefits of Zoopla

  • Extensive Property Listings
  • Detailed Property Information
  • Advanced Search Filters


  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Up-to-Date Listings
  • Informative Resources


  • Limited Coverage
  • Competing Advertisements
  • Varied Data Accuracy

Requirement Needed to Get Temporal Housing on Zoopla.co.uk

1. Proof of Identity

2. Financial Stability

3. Security Deposit

4. Rental Agreement

5. Tenant Insurance

6. Background Check

7. Rental History

8. Temporary Nature of Stay

Estimated Price of Temporal Housing on Zoopla

In London, apartment prices can range from £300,000 to several million pounds, depending on the borough and proximity to central London. Luxury apartments in prime areas can exceed £5 million.

Other Major Cities: In other major cities like Manchester and Birmingham, average apartment prices might range from £150,000 to £500,000, depending on the neighbourhood and property type.

Rural Areas: In rural areas or smaller towns, you may find apartments for as little as £100,000 or even less.

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3. Spareroom

This online platform has become a popular choice for those in the United Kingdom who are looking for roommates or available rooms to rent.

Benefits for Property Seekers

1. Vast and Diverse Listings

2. User-Friendly Interface and Advanced Search Tools

3. Community and Safety

Requirement Needed to Get Temporal Housing on Spareroom

1. Account Registration

2. Verification of Identity

3. Profile Completion

4. Financial Stability

5. References and Recommendations

6. Communication and Responsiveness

7. Respect for House Rules and Guidelines

Estimated Price of Temporal Housing on Spareroom

Single Room in a Shared House or Flat

In smaller towns and less expensive areas, £300 to £600 per month

In larger cities and more expensive areas like London, it is £600 to £1,200 or more per month.

Double Room in a Shared House or Flat

In smaller towns and less expensive areas, £500 to £800 per month

In larger cities and more expensive areas like London, it is £800 to £1,500 or more per month.

Studio Apartments

In smaller towns and less expensive areas, £600 to £1,000 per month

In larger cities and more expensive areas like London, it costs £1,000 to £2,500 or more per month.

One-Bedroom Apartments

In smaller towns and less expensive areas: £700 to £1,200 per month.

In larger cities and more expensive areas like London, it is £1,200 to £3,000 or more per month.

Two-Bedroom Apartments

In smaller towns and less expensive areas, £1,200 to £2,000 per month

In larger cities and more expensive areas like London: £2,000 to £4,000 or more per month.

Luxury Apartments

Luxury apartments with premium amenities can range from £3,000 to £10,000 or more per month, depending on the location and features.

Please note that these are general estimates, and prices can vary significantly based on the specific area within the UK, the condition of the apartment, the included utilities, and whether it’s furnished or unfurnished.

It’s essential to use the search filters on SpareRoom.co.uk to narrow down your options and find apartments that match your budget and preferences.

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4. Gumtree

Gumtree.co.uk is a prominent online classifieds and community website that has gained popularity in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Benefits of Gumtree

  • Extensive User Base and Reach
  • Free to Use
  • Diverse Categories and Listings
  • Localized Search and Convenience
  • User-Friendly Interface and Mobile App
  • Opportunities for Bargains
  • Promoting Sustainability
  • Job Opportunities and Freelancing
  • Supportive Community and Safety Measures
  • Opportunities for Small Businesses

Requirement Needed to Get Temporal Housing on Gumtree

  • User Account and Profile
  • Budget and Preferences
  • Search Filters and Keywords
  • Contact Information
  • Verification and Trust
  • Viewing Appointments
  • Required Documents like proof of income (e.g., pay stubs or bank statements), references from previous landlords, and identification (e.g., passport or driver’s license).
  • Application Process
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Tenant Rights and Responsibilities

Estimated Price of a Temporal Housing on Gumtree

The average estimation of rent on Gumtree.co.uk can vary significantly depending on several factors, including location, property type, and the number of bedrooms.

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5. Amber

Amber.com UK is a platform that has garnered attention for various reasons. Amber.com UK offers a range of benefits that cater to the diverse financial needs of its customers.

Its online banking services, savings and investment options, and personalized financial advice make it a valuable resource for individuals seeking to manage their finances effectively.

The platform’s emphasis on convenience, competitive interest rates, and financial education further enhances its appeal.

Whether you’re looking to save for the future, invest in the stock market, or simply streamline your banking experience, Amber.com UK provides a modern and accessible platform to meet these needs.

With its commitment to customer satisfaction and financial empowerment, it’s no surprise that Amber.com UK has garnered attention and positive reviews in the UK financial market.

Key Features of Amber.com

Amber.com UK offers a range of financial services and products designed to cater to different financial needs and goals. Let us look at some of its important features:

  • Online Banking Services
  • Savings and Investments
  • Personalized Financial Advice

Benefits of Using Amber.com UK

Now that we’ve explored some of the key features of Amber.com UK, let’s delve into the specific advantages of using this platform:

  • Convenience and Accessibility
  • Competitive Interest Rates
  • Diversified Investment Options
  • Financial Education

Requirement Needed to Get Temporal Housing on Amber

1. Create an Account

2. Browse Listings

3. Contact Landlords

4. Attend Viewings

5. Prepare the necessary documents, such as a valid passport or driver’s license, recent pay stubs, an employment contract, or bank records to verify your ability to pay rent, and contact information for prior landlords or character references.

6. Credit Check and Background Screening

7. Provide a Security Deposit

8. Sign the Lease Agreement

9. Pay Rent and Move In

10. Maintain Communication

Estimated Price of Temporal Housing on Amber

Given these factors, rental prices for apartments on Amber.com UK can range from as low as £500 per month for a studio apartment in a less expensive area to over £2,000 or more per month for a larger, furnished apartment in a prime location in a major city like London.

The specific price you can expect to pay will depend on your preferences and the prevailing market conditions at the time of your search.

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6. OpenRent.co.uk

OpenRent.co.uk is a prominent online platform that has revolutionized the way people rent properties in the United Kingdom.

It has gained immense popularity for its user-friendly interface and transparent approach to property rentals.

From cost-effective solutions to efficient property management, OpenRent.co.uk offers a wide array of advantages that have made it a preferred choice in the UK’s rental market.

OpenRent’s commitment to transparency and efficiency is evident throughout the platform.

The ability to conduct necessary checks, such as credit and reference checks, within the platform simplifies the decision-making process for both parties.

Moreover, the digital tools for creating and managing tenancy agreements make administrative tasks hassle-free.

OpenRent.co.uk provides a transparent and accessible platform for individuals looking to rent apartments in the UK and landlords seeking reliable tenants.

Meeting the specified requirements and effectively utilizing the platform’s features can lead to successful and stress-free property rentals.

Benefits of OpenRent

The benefits of OpenRent.co.uk are clear: affordability, transparency, accessibility, and efficient property management.

These advantages have made it a game-changer in the UK’s rental market, benefiting both landlords and tenants alike.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Transparency and Accessibility
  • Efficient Property Management

Requirement Needed to Get Temporal Housing on OpenRent

To secure an apartment on OpenRent.co.uk as a tenant, you will need to meet certain criteria:

  • Age and identification, like driver’s license
  • Income and Affordability
  • References
  • Deposit
  • Credit Check

Landlord Requirements

If you are a landlord looking to list your property on OpenRent.co.uk and find reliable tenants, here are the key requirements:

  • Property Ownership
  • Safety and Compliance
  • Pricing and Terms
  • Property Listing
  • Tenancy Agreement

Using OpenRent’s Platform

  • Property Search
  • Viewings
  • Application and Payments
  • Documentation

Estimated Price of Temporal Housing on OpenRent

To get the most accurate estimate of rental prices on OpenRent, I recommend using the platform’s search filters.

You can input your specific criteria, including location, property type, and budget, to view properties that match your preferences.

This way, you can find apartments that are within your desired price range.

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7. AmberStudent

Amberstudent.co.uk is a prominent online platform that facilitates student accommodation solutions in the United Kingdom. Amberstudent.co.uk offers a host of benefits to students seeking accommodation in the United Kingdom.

With a diverse selection of housing options, a user-friendly platform, and dedicated customer support, the platform stands out as a reliable and convenient choice for students.

Whether you are a local or international student, Amberstudent.co.uk’s services can greatly ease the process of securing suitable accommodation, allowing you to focus on your academic journey with peace of mind.

So, if you’re planning to study in the UK, consider utilizing the valuable resources provided by Amberstudent.co.uk to find your ideal student housing solution.

Benefits on AmberStudent

  • Wide Range of Options
  • User-Friendly Platform
  • Supportive Customer Service

Requirement Needed to Get Temporal Housing on AmberStudent

  • Student Status
  • Online Account
  • Booking Process
  • Payment

Estimated Price of Temporal Housing on AmberStudent

Amber offers accommodations in London ranging from £100/week to a whopping £1,000/week.

On average, you can expect to spend £300- £350 per week on a decent apartment.

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What Documents Are Required for Short-Term Rental?

In general, you will only need a government ID and a confirmed account on the platforms.

Average Rent in the United Kingdom

How much does rent cost in the United Kingdom? The monthly rent varies substantially depending on the locality.

Greater London, for example, has a rate of over 1,700 GBP (2,200 USD), which is significantly higher than the national average of roughly GBP 1,000 (USD 1,300 USD).

In London, the average monthly rent for the same size house is around GBP 1,000 (USD 1,300), while a house at the upper end of the spectrum will cost you around 13,000 GBP (17,000 USD).

Furthermore, a furnished apartment might cost up to 20% more than an empty apartment.


Finding affordable temporary housing in the UK as an immigrant is achievable with careful research and consideration of various options.

Shared accommodation, hostels, serviced apartments, university accommodations, short-term rental websites, extended stay hotels, local classified ads, non-profit organizations, and negotiation strategies are all valuable tools in your quest for affordable housing.

Keep in mind that your choice should align with your budget, needs, and preferences. By exploring these alternatives and staying open to negotiation, you can find suitable and cost-effective temporary housing while you settle into your new life in the UK.


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