12 Part-Time Jobs In Finland International Students Can Do When They Arrive

Finland is a great place to study coupled with the fact it is known as the happiest country in the world. This gives international students the impression that their period of schooling over there would be smooth and worth their while. International students are meant to fully focus on their studies to achieve academic excellence towards solidifying a good professional career in the future. Living in Finland is very convenient, especially for tourists since the nationals would love to welcome them with open arms.

The cost of living is very low, which means that there is a stable standard of living for everyone and all categories of international students can cope with this situation regardless of their financial background so they won’t have to worry about expensive products or bills due to the country’s stable economic development over the years. It also has one of the lowest rates of crime among others in the world. Therefore, your security is guaranteed.

Why Are Part-Time Jobs Important For International Students In Finland?

Although crucial points were stated above to make to fly over to Finland and study, you must know that Finland isn’t a land of miracles even though a “happy country.” You do not have to only student to get good grade points, but to work in between, or afterward, and also be able to cater for yourself and clear necessary bills if you have to.

The best time to work as an international student in Finland is after school hours, and the best form of work you can undertake in such a capacity is a part-time job. This article will help you delve into the specifics by listing out some of the best part-time jobs you can do when you arrive in Finland as an international student. Keep your eyes glued to the screen to gain more value from this content.

  • Retail Sales Associate

Being the first one on the list, this is classified as one of the best and also a common part-time job meant for international students in Finland. Firstly, you might be confused about what a retail sales associate does right? Don’t you worry about the big grammar in between the title of the job? What they do is work in the store by assisting customers, re-stocking shelves, and handling transactions, and that’s all. See? It isn’t that difficult, and for your time and effort, you get paid per hour. All you need to do is to approach stores and enquire about any vacancies or search for them yourself. This job also makes it easier for you to balance work with your studies while earning some extra income to sustain yourself.

  • Food Service Worker

Another job that is pursued by most international students is the position of a food service provider. Amazingly, this is a kind of job that functions based on daily shifts so you don’t need to stress yourself all day, due to extensive studying. The nature of this job is so simple that international students could work in restaurants, cafeterias, and other places where fast food is being sold. By the way, you shouldn’t bother about the stress because you won’t do the cooking, you will be required to serve guests on reservations and customers. Other semi-jobs attached to food service work include tidying up the dining environment and washing the dishes which also add extra cash to your pocket on the job.

  • Barista

When it comes to flexibility in part-time jobs without wasting too much energy if you are an international student, applying for the position of a barista in a coffee shop is worth considering. Now what do baristas do? The word barista might have a resemblance to that of a legal practitioner, but it’s not actually what the latter entails. Baristas serve a variety of coffee beverages and snacks in coffee shops. Importantly if you’re looking forward to refining your customer service skills in Finland, going for this job would serve as a perfect headstart. Additionally, international students get to learn more about coffee preparation and interact with different customers. As stated before, the schedules are flexible and convenient for international students to strike a balance between studying and time management.

  • Tutor

When it comes to the level of brilliance and intellect, it differs for every student. Not all international students are certified gurus, but if you are academically sound and have a strong passion for teaching, then you could fit into the position of becoming a tutor as a part-time job. Knowledge is sought because of its value and lots of money comes out from tutoring others. You might decide to assist fellow students or local learners in improving their academic performance just for a little token. And it’s not all about having a source of income but the ability to impact knowledge upon others with your skills. Tutoring can often be scheduled flexibly to accommodate the tutor’s class schedule, making it a convenient choice for international students in Finland to earn money while contributing to the academic success of others.

  • Babysitter/Nanny

This might be considered a very stressful job for anyone who does it, but believe us when we say that it is very profitable. One thing an international student need to needs to know about working part-time in Finland is that the more stressful the job gets, the higher you get paid. Above all, it’s important to make plans based on when you would be available for service and when you would also become immersed in your studies. One special thing about babysitting is fostering valuable caregiving skills and cultural exchange. By doing this, you display love and affection to get paid in kind to cover your expenses.

  • Administration Assistant

Being an administrative assistant seems professional and might seem to an international student that it requires some level of expertise, which does not. There are various business outfits in Finland where applications for a part-time job can be tendered. The tasks involved in this kind of part-time job involve data entry, organizing documents, scheduling appointments, and providing general office support. Getting adequately paid to cover your financial needs is something on one hand, but the experience that helps you to develop good administrative and organizational skills is what matters. Additionally, it offers you the chance to gain practical work experience and earn income while pursuing higher education in Finland.

  • Language Interpreter

Internet students who are proficient in various languages would find this part time job comfortable. Its hassle free and also comes with a good pay attached to it. What they do here is bridging language barriers between people to ensure effective communication. Note that the whole process is flexible and works ased on schedules. Interpreters also specialize in translating written contents like letters, articles, journals, books, and others. International students will have the opportnity to make good use of their language skills and provide a unique cultural exchange experience.

  • Delivery Driver

As a well paid part time job, certain international students will have the upper hand, if they know how to drive trucks lorries and deliver a package or parcel within a reasonable time. International student who are wiling to undertake this kind of job will be ready to engage in transporting goods, food, or packages to customers’ homes or businesses. However, this can be time consuming based on the distance and how your schedule is being sorted out. Overall, it helps students to earn legitimately without depending on financial sponsors or loved ones. Many delivery driver jobs available for international students in Finland offer flexible schedules, allowing students to balance work with their studies.

  • Tour Guide

Working as a tour guide is a part-time job option for international students in Finland. In this role, students lead tourists on guided tours, sharing information about local attractions, history, and culture. It’s an excellent opportunity to improve communication and public speaking skills while showcasing the beauty and uniqueness of Finland. Tour guide jobs often offer flexible hours, enabling students to poise work with their academic commitments. It also allows them to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and contribute to the tourism industry in their host country.

  • Library Assistant

Library assistant positions are available for international students in Finland as part-time employment. In this role, students assist in library operations, such as checking in and out books, shelving materials, and helping patrons with their inquiries. This job enhances organizational and customer service skills while providing an opportunity to work in a quiet and scholarly environment. Library assistant jobs typically offer flexible schedules, making it convenient for every level of international students when it comes to creating time to study and work.

  • Research Assistant

International students in Finland can take on part-time roles as research assistants. In this capacity, students assist academic or research institutions with various research projects. They might collect data, analyze information, or contribute to ongoing research initiatives. This role provides students with valuable hands-on experience in their field of study and allows them to earn income while enhancing their academic skills. Research assistant positions often offer flexible working hours, enabling students to balance work with their academic responsibilities and gain practical knowledge in a real-world research environment.

  • Event Staff

Event staff roles are popular part-time options for international students in Finland. In these positions, students assist in organizing and managing various events, such as conferences, concerts, or festivals. They may handle tasks like ticketing, guest services, crowd management, or event logistics. Working as event staff allows students to gain experience in event management and customer service while earning income. These jobs often offer flexible schedules to accommodate students’ academic commitments, making them an ideal way to support their studies and participate in the local event industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can an international student earn in Finland part time?

Finland doesn’t have a set minimum wage, but typical wages for students range from 7 to 8 Euros per hour. However, students can earn between 9 to 13 Euros per hour, depending on their job type and industry.

How much does Finland pay per hour?

Finnish law doesn’t establish a minimum wage, but sector-specific collective agreements (TES) set minimum wages. For instance, in 2022, cleaning work had a minimum wage of EUR 11.24 per hour, while house construction had a minimum wage of EUR 11.26 per hour.

Is it easy to get part time job in Finland for international students?

While searching for part-time work during their studies can be challenging, it’s not impossible. Finding the right job might require some effort, but persistence can lead to success.

Can I have two jobs in Finland?

If you have a residence permit for employment, you can work for multiple employers as long as they are in the same field. For example, if you initially found a job as a cleaner, you can work for two different cleaning companies.

How much is a cleaner paid in Finland?

Cleaners in Finland typically earn an average yearly salary of €29,718, which equates to €14 per hour. The salary range for this occupation usually falls between €22,913 and €34,236. Typically, a high school degree is the highest level of education required for this role.

What is the lowest salary in Finland?

There isn’t a mandated minimum wage in Finland. Instead, the employer and employee can mutually agree on the compensation terms in their employment contract.

How much does it cost to rent a house in Finland?

In the greater Helsinki metropolitan area, the average rent per square meter is approximately 20.20 €, while in the rest of the country, it’s around 13 € per square meter. Rental rates are highest in Helsinki, with an average of 21.50 €, and can be even higher in specific areas within the city.


We’ll round up by noting that Finland offers international students several part-time job opportunities that not only help them financially but also improve their skills and experiences. These aforementioned jobs cater to diverse interests and academic backgrounds. Finland’s flexible work schedules, coupled with its low cost of living and safe environment, make it an ideal destination for students seeking to balance work and studies. These part-time jobs not only support students financially but also contribute to their personal growth and cultural integration in this welcoming and vibrant country.


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