17 jobs one can do in Finland as an immigrant

Finland, famed for its breathtaking natural beauty, high-quality education system, and robust welfare services, is an appealing location for immigrants seeking career prospects and a good standard of living.

As an immigrant, you may be wondering what work opportunities exist in this Nordic country. In this detailed post, we will look at 17 jobs one can do in Finland as an immigrant.

From historic industries to developing sectors, Finland has a comprehensive selection of job opportunities for people from all walks of life.

Workplace conditions

Earlier, the correct balance between work and life in Finland was mentioned. This is due to the Finnish culture’s belief that there is more to life than work.

According to the 2019 Work/Life Balance Index, Helsinki, Finland, is the Best City for Work-Life Balance, beating out over 40 other desirable cities such as Oslo and Toronto.

It outperformed the competition in 20 key areas relating to labor, society, and other institutions.

Finland also has relatively flexible work hours, which is one of the reasons for its high work-life balance score.

These flexible hours allow employees to work when and where they want for half of their contracted working hours.

Employees in Finland work an average of 40 hours a week, with a daily lunch break of one or two hours. They also work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The good news is that they are entitled to a minimum of 25 days of annual leave, including 13 bank holidays every year.

Aging Workforce

The main issue that Finland is dealing with is an aging workforce. The dependent aging population is expected to grow by 2025.

The aging workforce in Finland is an issue not only for the future but also for the present. It is also predicted that many of its younger workers will be unable to fully replace the current older ones.

As a foreigner considering relocating to Finland, you should be aware that the country has a population of 5.5 million people. A population of this size implies a limited workforce.

And 39% of that small workforce is over the age of 65.

To combat this, the Finnish government has chosen to triple the number of immigrants per year, mostly to maintain many government services.

Not only that, but the Finnish market is highly skilled, with IT and manufacturing being its two most important businesses.

If you are a specialist in any of these, Finland should be your chosen location.

How can a foreigner find work in Finland?

1. Begin by studying the language.

You may be wondering why you should study Finnish when the bulk of the Finnish population speaks English. It’s simple: when you speak their language, the Finns become nicer.

And to improve your chances of finding work by expanding your access to the labor market.

2. Conduct research

Investigate the permits required to work in Finland. You can accomplish this by going to the Finnish Immigration Website.

3. Educational Background

You must choose whether your educational credentials must be recognized in Finland. The procedure by which the government and agencies in charge of specific professions and businesses certify you to practice in Finland is known as recognition.

4. Networking Create a network.

Meet as many people as you can, especially those in your field. According to one poll, 70%–80% of employment in Finland is not listed openly. Increasing your professional network will give you an advantage.

These people can be met through their hobbies or even through volunteer work. Better yet, become a member of an industry association.

5. Employment Agencies

Recruitment services can also help you find work in Finland. While we noted that many jobs are not posted to the general public, many businesses use recruitment services to locate candidates for their open positions.

6. Professional Experience

Get some work experience in Finland. This improves your CV and your chances of landing your desired job. This can be accomplished through voluntary work, paid or unpaid internships, thesis work in a company, or even summer employment.

17 jobs one can do in Finland as an immigrant

1. Information Technology (IT) Professional

Job Description: Finland has a thriving IT sector, with numerous tech companies and startups. If you possess skills in software development, programming, data analysis, or cybersecurity, you’ll find ample opportunities in this field. Major cities like Helsinki, Espoo, and Tampere are IT hubs with a demand for skilled professionals.

The IT sector in Finland is booming, and it’s a wise choice for immigrants with technical expertise. With a high standard of living and a welcoming atmosphere, Finland offers a great environment for IT professionals to thrive.

2. Healthcare and Nursing

Job Description: Finland has a well-developed healthcare system, and there’s a constant need for healthcare professionals, including doctors, nurses, and healthcare assistants.

Immigrants with medical qualifications can explore rewarding careers in the Finnish healthcare sector.

Healthcare is a stable and noble field to consider, especially in a country like Finland that values its citizens’ well-being. Immigrants with a medical background will find themselves in a respected and rewarding profession.

3. Teaching and Education

Job Description: Finland is renowned for its education system, and the demand for qualified teachers is significant.

Whether you’re interested in teaching at the primary, secondary, or tertiary level, there are opportunities available. Fluency in Finnish or Swedish may be required for certain teaching positions.

Teaching in Finland is not only a job but also a chance to be part of an exemplary education system. Immigrant teachers can contribute to the nation’s educational excellence while enjoying a high standard of living.

4. Engineering

Job Description: Finland’s engineering sector encompasses various fields, including civil, mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineering.

Infrastructure projects and technological advancements create a constant demand for skilled engineers.

Engineering is a dynamic field with numerous opportunities for innovation and growth. Immigrant engineers can play a crucial role in shaping Finland’s future while enjoying a strong work-life balance.

5. Customer Service and Sales

Job Description: Customer service representatives and sales professionals are needed across industries in Finland.

Proficiency in languages like English and Finnish can be an asset in this field as you interact with customers and clients.

Customer service and sales jobs provide a chance to develop communication skills and build connections. Immigrants with strong interpersonal abilities can excel in these roles and contribute to businesses’ success.

6. Construction and Trades

Job Description: The construction industry in Finland is active, and there’s a demand for skilled tradespeople such as carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and masons. Immigrants with expertise in these trades can find rewarding employment.

Trades are essential to the development of any country, and immigrants in the construction industry can actively participate in Finland’s growth while honing their craft. Ok

7. Tourism and Hospitality

Job Description: Finland’s natural beauty attracts tourists from around the world. The tourism and hospitality sectors offer opportunities in hotels, restaurants, tour guides, and event management.

Working in tourism and hospitality allows immigrants to showcase Finland’s charm to visitors. It’s a dynamic sector where customer service skills and cultural diversity are valued.

8. Research and Development

Job Description: Finland is known for its strong focus on research and development. Immigrants with a background in science, technology, or innovation can explore roles in research institutions, universities, and private companies.

Contributing to research and development in Finland is a way to be at the forefront of innovation. Immigrants in this field can make significant contributions to global knowledge.

9. Language and Translation Services

Job Description: Multilingual immigrants can find work in language services, including translation, interpretation, and language teaching. Proficiency in languages like Finnish, Swedish, and English is highly valued.

Language skills are an asset that can open doors to various opportunities. Immigrants who excel in language-related roles play a crucial role in bridging communication gaps.

10. Agriculture and Forestry

Job Description: Finland’s vast forests and agricultural areas provide jobs in farming, forestry, and related industries. Immigrants interested in nature and outdoor work can find fulfilling careers.

Working in agriculture and forestry allows immigrants to connect with Finland’s rich natural heritage. It’s a field that values sustainability and environmental stewardship.

11. Finance and Banking

Job Description: The financial sector in Finland offers positions in banking, investment, accounting, and financial analysis. Immigrants with financial expertise can thrive in a stable economy.

Finance is a sector where precision and knowledge are crucial. Immigrants contributing to financial stability play a key role in Finland’s economic well-being.

12. Arts and Culture

Job Description: Immigrants with talents in the arts, music, theater, and cultural expression can find opportunities in Finland’s vibrant arts and cultural scene. This includes positions in museums, galleries, and performance venues.

Immigrants enrich Finland’s cultural landscape by bringing diverse artistic perspectives. It’s a field where creativity and passion are highly valued.

13. Social Work and Welfare

Job Description: Social workers and welfare professionals are in demand to support vulnerable populations and ensure their well-being. Immigrants with a background in social work can make a meaningful impact.

Social work is a noble profession that fosters inclusivity and compassion. Immigrants in this field contribute to Finland’s strong social welfare system.

14. Environmental and Sustainability Roles

Job Description: Finland places a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental conservation. Immigrants with expertise in environmental science, conservation, and sustainable practices can find employment in this sector.

Addressing environmental challenges is a global priority, and immigrants working in sustainability roles help Finland lead by example in responsible stewardship.

15. Manufacturing and Production

Job Description: Manufacturing and production jobs are available in various industries, including electronics, machinery, and textiles. Immigrants skilled in production processes can find employment in these sectors.

Manufacturing is the backbone of industrial progress, and immigrants contribute to Finland’s competitiveness by working in this field.

16. Legal and Judicial Careers

Job Description: The legal sector in Finland offers opportunities for lawyers, legal advisors, and judicial professionals. Immigrants with legal qualifications can explore roles in law firms, government agencies, and the judiciary.

Upholding the rule of law is essential in any society, and immigrants in the legal field play a vital role in ensuring justice and fairness.

17. Start Your Own Business

Job Description: For entrepreneurial immigrants, starting a business in Finland is a viable option. The country provides a supportive environment for startups and small businesses, with access to resources and funding.

Entrepreneurship allows immigrants to shape their destiny while contributing to Finland’s economy and job creation.


Top Jobs In Finland With Visa Sponsorship

Visa Sponsorship jobs are those that come with the offer of a work visa.

Companies that provide Visa sponsorship use this method as a strategy to attract skilled foreign applicants to their staff who can improve their firm.

We’ve compiled a list of the best jobs in Finland with Visa Sponsorship.

There are more on this list, but we’ve provided the top 11. If your desired job is not on the list, look at job posting sites like LinkedIn and Indeed.

  • Sales representative:
  • Account manager:
  • Engineer:
  • Software developers:
  • Data Engineer:
  • Assistant Manager
  • General Scientist
  • Associate Director
  • Field Service Technician
  • Business Development Analyst
  • English Teacher


What is the most popular occupation in Finland?

Doctors, attorneys, teachers, accountants, and many other professions are in high demand in Finland. The services industry employs the vast majority of people in the country.

How much do part-time workers in Finland get paid?

In Finland, the average Part-time wage is €20 per hour. Estimated wages are based on one salary submission anonymously submitted to Glassdoor by part-time employees in Finland.

What is the highest-paid part-time job in Finland?

In Finland, the highest hourly wage for a Part-Time worker is €20.

Is Finland employing foreigners?

As a general rule, yes. A residence permit is normally required if you intend to work or start a business in Finland.


Learning the language will be more than simply a way to connect with the people in many of these jobs. Copywriters, for example, would need to learn to read and write in the local language, as would nurses or caretakers.





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