How To Know When Your Canada Visa Has Been Approved

Good news will always be the result after applying for a Canada visa and then successfully obtaining it from the Visa officer in the embassy. The joy knows no bounds and the sky’s the limit for you.

Whether you are heading to Canada for a certain purpose like business, tourism, work, or studying. It is important to know when your Canada visa has been approved because this will give you a hint on the next step to undertake.

Most applicants, especially international students, get confused about what to do after receiving their visa. Nevertheless, this blog post is well crafted to suit your needs and address important issues regarding how you should know when your Canada Visa has been approved.

Essentially, this piece aims to expose you through the various notifications and indicators that signal your visa approval status, by ensuring that you’re well-prepared for a Canadian adventure.

Is There A Confirmation For Applicants’ Canada Visa Submissions?

Confirmation upon your Canada visa application is very important if you’re willing to obtain your Canadian study visa. Invariably your first step should start from here because it sets the whole process in motion. Hence, knowing when your Canada visa is going to be successfully submitted is also the best way to track the progress of your visa request. Here are some essential steps to confirm your Canada visa submission:

Online Application portal

Submitting your application through Canada’s official visa portal comes after gathering all the necessary paperwork. Filling all mandatory and required files is very vital. You should also cross-check if the uploaded documents are correct before finally submitting.

After submission, expect a message via your email notifying you of a successful application submission, and that you should expect a response within some period, indicating your initial confirmation that the visa application is in the system.

Payment Confirmation

This involves all the necessary payments you’ve made so far, by stating confirmations regarding them. It is also advisable to keep records of this confirmation for future reference since it would serve as an indicator that your application has been received.

Check Application Status

Do yourself that favor by regularly checking your application status using the online portal after successfully applying for your Canada visa. There are visa application systems or websites on the internet to do this, and they also provide a tracking feature that allows you to monitor your application progress every day and determine the reviewing stage of your Canada visa application.

Application Number

Hold your application number dearly, for it would be useful during submission and also future inquiries, tracking, as well as post visa approval if the need arises.

Online Application Status Tracking to Determine Approved Canada Visa

The next step presupposes that you monitor the progress of your Canada visa and whether it has been approved. This can be done through an online tracking system to enable you to see the status as stated earlier. The essence of an online visa tracking system enables the applicant to stay updated and informed about the current state of his/her visa application progress to get abreast with recent changes based on the processing period. Let’s put you through several steps involved when using the internet to track your Canada visa application status:

Step 1: Access the Online Portal

Access and log into your IRCC secure account by using the credentials used in facilitating your application process initially. This is the typical way employed by applicants.

Step 2: Remember Your Application Reference or Tracking Number

Make use of your unique application tracking number which was issued to you during submission. It’s important to remember or save this number because it would be used to access your application status.

Step 3: Check Your Canada Visa Application Status Regularly

Always access your Canada visa application status by making it a habitual devotion. Upon doing this, you should also consider that processing times of Canada visas vary based on their types as well as the voluminous applications yet to be responded to, so frequent checks can help you stay informed.

Step 4: Understanding Some Status Update Terms

Common visa status update terms on the portal may include statements like “Application Received”, “In Process”, “Decision Made”, and “Visa Issued. Understand the intended meaning behind all these status updates to determine the progress of your Canada visa.

Step 5: Decision Notification

This is the final step or stage in determining whether your Canada study visa has been approved. Therefore the online portal will be used as a tool to reflect any changes regarding the decision notification since it would signal. The decision-making would determine whether your Canada visa has been approved, as well as marking the end of the Canada visa application progress.

Notification From the Canadian Visa Office

After going through all the processes stated above, the next stage involves getting notifications from the Canadian Visa Office. The essence of this notification is that you are going to be informed or updated concerning the status of your Canada visa, whether it has been approved or not. Here’s how the notification process goes:

Decision Notification

The role of the visa officers is to review your application based on a specific timeframe and come up with a decision to determine the fate of your Canada visa application. They will surely notify you of the outcome afterward through phone calls, emails, or SMS based on your preferred communication method. There are typically two possible outcomes and your luck should always rely on an approved one.

Approval Stage

Let’s assume your visa application has been approved. This message will be made known to you through a formal approved letter which will have essential details like the type of visa granted, duration of your stay as well as validity, and other conditions attached in such a way that you’re required to comply.

At this Instance, it might all be for your celebration but always remember to review the content of the letter carefully and also follow important instructions regarding the Canada study visa issuance and collection.

On the other hand, if your application gets rejected you will be notified of this update by giving compelling reasons for your Canada visa denial. Alternatively, appealing this decision can be the best option during such a situation, and there’s always room to reapply and dress some mistakes you made that led to the rejection of your visa.

Visa Issuance and Collection

The next thing to do after an approved Canadian visa is to obtain it from the embassy in your home country. You are going there by yourself to receive it along with other necessary documents. Here’s an explanation based on the approved visa issuance and collection process.

Visa Issuance

Before your visa can be issued, you will need to obtain or print the approval letter that was sent to you through your email. Afterward, you would be required to proceed to the nearest Visa Application Center to generate your biometric data and request any necessary documentation if necessary.

Visa Fees Payment

Upon receiving your approved visa, you will be required to make some additional payments usually known as the visa fee payment. Therefore having a good payment method and funds to settle such fees are considered important based on the specified instructions in your application letter.

Biometric Enrollment

Let’s expound on the Biometric enrollment. In case this is required of you to do so, kindly visit the visa office to generate yours. The reason why biometric enrollments are important is to establish your identity as an approved Canada visa holder as well as security and identity verification.

Visa Stamping

During the visa appointment, your visa will be physically stamped which would thereupon be affixed to your passport. The details contained in this stamp involve essential ones that would authorize your entry into the shores of Canada. Therefore, make sure that the visa sticker is accurate before you step out of the visa office.

Visa Collection

Your visa is completely ready for use along with your passport after being stamped. Don’t forget to collect both pieces before you leave the visa office along with other essential documents. To avoid stories that touch the heart, your travel documents must be kept in a safe and secure place so that you can prepare for your journey smoothly.

Essential Things to Consider Before Departure to Canada

The moment you prepare to depart from Canada will be an exciting step in your journey, that comes after getting your visa approved and issued. Meanwhile, get yourself furnished with some things you should know and also consider before flying to Canada;

  • Make sure that you have gathered all your necessary documents before approaching the airport. Your travel documents should include your passport with the Canadian visa, any required permits, and a valid return ticket.
  • Have your travel insurance along with you, which will serve as insurance to cover unexpected events on your journey like flight delays and medical emergencies.
  • Having a place to stay after touching down in Canada should be considered too. Ensure that you’ve done justice to that aspect. It could be a hotel reservation, or staying with a friend or loved one, accommodation should be readily available and accessible upon arrival.
  • Move on with important medical records as well as familiarize yourself with all medical options available within Canada. Your financial preparedness should be counted as a major factor. If it’s necessary, inform your local concerning your travel plans to avoid any issues with your debit card while in Canada. You must have enough funds for your initial expenses upon arrival.
  • Your luggage should also be packed and organized based on the duration of your stay. Don’t pack excessive luggage, and remember that every luggage has a limit based on its weight and quantity when checking in at the airport. Your clothes should also suit Canada’s climate conditions.
  • After arrival, you should expect intensive security checks at the airport terminals and others like customs procedures, and immigration checks. All of your items must be declared by the customs before finally letting you go.
  • Once you’ve settled into Canada, take some moments to remember how far you came, and give yourself a broad smile with a sense of achievement as well as encouragement. Don’t be overwhelmed due to a new environment but take time to understand local transportation options, and explore certain places within your limits.


Do you get an email when your visa is approved?

It is when you’ve met all the requirements, and your visa has been approved. You’ll receive an email within the next 5-10 business days telling you that your passport is ready for pickup at the location you chose in your profile.

How long does it take to get a visa after biometrics in Canada?

This special permit expedites the processing of study permits for Indian students planning to study at approved learning institutions. After providing biometrics, the Canada study visa typically takes only 20 days to process.

Is the visa rejected after biometrics?

After you give your biometric details, your visa application might get rejected or expire. But don’t worry, your biometrics will stay valid for ten years. So, if you apply for another visa later on, you won’t need to give them again.

How much time it takes to get a passport after visa stamping for Canada?

After obtaining a visa to move to Canada for a specific purpose, once you’re asked to submit your passport for visa stamping, the processing time for Canadian visa stamping typically takes around 2 to 3 weeks.

Which month Canada visa is approved?

Most viasa are typically approved within 6 months. For example, the Super Visa applications are typically processed in about 6 months or even faster. The processing time can vary depending on where you apply and your country of residence. If you want to know more about the Canadian Super Visa, you can find additional information.


To wrap things up, this article provided everything you need to know when it comes to determining whether your Canada Visa has been approved. For better understanding ensure to read between the lines to facilitate the application of an ideal Canada visa suiting your travel purpose, by following the stated guidelines above and your visa application will be approved in no time.


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