Programs to Avoid Studying in Canada as an International Student

Are you yet to study as an international student with your dream program of choice? Canada has the best atmosphere to fulfill your purpose of studying in a new environment free from hindrances by offering you a knack for its quality education. There are several programs available for you as an international student to study in Canada and it’s best to select your preferred choice to kickstart your academic journey.

However, before applying to study a program in Canada, especially if you’re seeking employment in the same country afterward, Consider certain factors like the kinds of programs of study as well as the tendency to be among Canada’s labor force after graduation.

In light of this, certain programs should be avoided by international students due to specific reasons. This article aims to introduce you to some of these programs that are considered a no-go area for international students. Keep your focus and let’s proceed.

Why should International avoid studying some programs in Canada?

Intending to study and work as a pilot in Canada? Or explore other opportunities like a flight attendant, custom immigration, and project management?

Unfortunately, these kinds of careers amount to nothing in the Canadian labor force for international students except under exceptional circumstances. Therefore, Canada won’t be able to offer international students job opportunities in the country if they prefer to study these courses.

Meanwhile, let’s run through other reasons that may be associated with this to understand some factors. Since Canada is one of the most popular destinations for all levels of students, every program of study picked has its level of complexity as well as certain situations whereby international students must avoid studying some courses in Canada. Here are some reasons.

High Tuition Fees

The tuition fee attached to each course differs. Before setting a fee for any program in Canada. The competency of such as well as its rate of professionalism is considered at first which leaves international students with the required tuition fees that must be paid before studying.

Alternatively, when there are no sufficient funds to do so, other options are available like securing funds from loan companies, or exploring scholarships and finding a financial sponsor.

Cost of Living

The cost of living abroad is usually on the high side, which is why most international students avoid selecting programs to study in Canada.

The cost of living in cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Rent and transportation are areas for fresh students to study in any program if they are not financially capable enough.

Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Be prepared to experience the chilled breeze of cold winters in Canada especially if you’re studying any program there for the first time.

The whole situation can be difficult to handle, which can also be challenging for several international students as well, especially if they are not accustomed to extreme weather conditions. In such instances, they might not consider studying any program in Canada as an ideal choice.

Limited Opportunities

For the main point, it is widely known that Canada offers a good post-study work program for international students in such a way that the issuance of a work visa has to be facilitated and obtained.

But this does not appeal or apply to others, because studying some of the jobs as I mentioned above, leaves you with no chance of getting a job offer. This, in turn, drastically affects the ability to recover ten investments made in education.

Cultural Adjustment

For international students going to study any program in one of Canada’s big colleges for the first time, they will be exposed to cultural diversities which poses an advantage as well as a disadvantage to their disposal. They might even find it challenging to conform to a new culture and cultivate the habits of others, especially if they aren’t well prepared.

What are the Programs to Avoid While Studying in Canada as an International Student?

BS in Professional Pilot

International students willing to steer the wings of steel by considering studying PS in Professional Pilot to become pilots in Canada is something worth thinking of.

But we hate to break it to you like this – before applying for such programs, be cautious that there are no job prospects in Canada’s aviation industry.

This can be surprising because Canada has high-quality flight training programs, including scenic landscape for practices, which poses a constraint for international students willing to become professional pilots in the country.

Nevertheless, international students can study the program if they intend to become professional pilots in their own countries or elsewhere.

Several pilot schools are available within Canada for them to get started. Meanwhile, here are the reasons why international students become pilots in Canada:

  • Competition: Fierce competition due to economic pressures in the aviation industry, thereby leading to limited job opportunities for all levels of applicants including nationals.
  • Cost of Certificate: Other than all the required fees to study aviation in Canada, the cost of obtaining a certificate after training or becoming a PR holder is very expensive. This, however, discourages international students who are applicants from applying.

Another factor to consider is the training which is based on a time-consuming process with zero guarantee of investment returns and it is also why international students study aviation abroad to become one of the best pilots in their home countries.

  • Canada’s Immigration Policies: based on this, no foreigner in Canada is eligible to become a professional pilot in the country. This is one of the reasons why such kind of immigration policies may not favor international students seeking employment in the aviation sector.

Flight Attendant/Cabin Crew

Another on the list is having the prospect of becoming a flight attendant or crew member. If you intend to study any program related to these professions in Canada, note that it can present potential challenges including barriers. Here are some of the reasons why you should avoid studying these kinds of programs as an international student in Canada;

  • Competition Among Nationals: Canada would rather prefer to hire its fellow citizens for the job of a flight attendant or member than to hire international students which is the reason why securing such employment is highly uncertain.

According to Micheal W., a Canadian businessman, he asserted that Canadian Airlines is not going to be sponsoring foreigners to work as airline cabin crew – it’s not the kind of job that is in high demand for any kind of special skills.

  • Cost: pursuing such a program, even though there’s no guarantee of a job in the same country, can pose a financial burden on any international student leading to uncertain returns on investment stated earlier, and the unpredictable nature of aviation industry.
  • Language Proficiency: This is another obstacle in such a way that Canadian authorities require Every flight attendant and crew member to be able to speak at least English and French.

Therefore, excellent means of communication to breach the communication gap. On the other hand, fluency in other languages is required.

Custom Immigration

Looking to study programs related to customs and immigration is a no-go-area for international students. The job is not guaranteed except if the applicant is a PR (Permanent Resident) Holder.

Without this visa, applying for such a position within the immigration industry may not be a straightforward path to secure long-term employment in such a field. Here are additional reasons why international students are not given immigration jobs.

  • Reservations: Most of the jobs for customs are always reserved for Canadian citizens as well as PR holders provided that certain strings are attached. This is the modus operandi due to security concerns, which makes it difficult for international students to secure employment, leaving them with limited opportunities.
  • Work Authorization Restrictions: being a postgraduate as an international student, you get to fully work after graduation given that you’ve obtained the post-graduate work permit (PGWP) this can allow you to work in almost any industry within Canada excluding aviation, customs, and immigration.

Therefore, a limit is placed on the kind of job to be applied. So planning to pursue them does not guarantee meaningful employment options.

  • Alternative Career Paths: International students can explore related careers in public administration, or security that are more accessible. These fields offer broader job opportunities and are often more accommodating to international students. Additionally, there are policies put in place to favor all international students willing to join Canada’s labor force after graduation.

Project Management

The last on our list is project management. Despite that international students are not guaranteed a base in this field of study after graduation, it’s important to consider some factors before applying.

Project management has to do with organizing and overseeing the execution of certain projects to achieve stated goals within some amount of time.

While it can be expensive as a career path, there are also limited job opportunities for international students within its labor force as well as the competition attached.

However, the Canadian government makes an exception for international students who become prospective project managers, by creating an avenue for them to sit and undertake an online qualifying PMI certificate examination.

The cost of writing this examination is approximately $550. Note that obtaining this certificate is very important as well as knowing how to register or apply for the examination.


Can I change my institute after getting a visa in Canada?

If you’re not satisfied with your chosen Designated Learning Institute (DLI) or course in Canada, you can switch to another one, as long as you have a valid visa or study permit. Just remember to notify Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) about any changes you make to your DLI or course.

Why is studying in Canada better than studying in us?

When deciding between studying in Canada and the USA, international students often consider fast processing times for study permits, the quality of educational institutions, and the welcoming nature of the host society as key factors.

What are the new rules for international students in Canada in 2023?

Between November 15, 2022, and December 31, 2023, international students can work more than 20 hours per week off-campus during regular academic sessions. To qualify for this, the student’s study permit application must have been submitted to IRCC by October 7, 2022.

What is the disadvantage of studying in Canada?

One of the disadvantages is that international students frequently face the challenge of higher tuition costs compared to local students, posing a significant financial strain. Relocating to a foreign country can be a demanding transition, and adapting to a new culture requires time and effort.

What problems do international students face in Canada?

International students arriving in Canada may encounter various problems, including language barriers, culture shock, financial pressures, housing issues, healthcare concerns, and others.

Is it hard to work while studying in Canada?

In most cases, it might be. Also, international students are allowed to work off-campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week. This applies during regular school sessions while studying in an intensive program without scheduled breaks, and when pursuing part-time studies during the final session of their program.

Which visa is harder to get in Canada or the USA?

Understand that the U.S. visa application system is known for its complexity, involving thorough scrutiny, extensive questioning, and significant waiting periods. In contrast, the Canadian visa process is simpler and quicker, which makes it more accessible for international students to obtain a study permit.


To sum it up, international students should be aware of these facts if they intend to secure any job opportunities within Canada. However, there are other explorable programs, which provide excellent employment opportunities after graduation. Canada also welcomes immigrants and entrepreneurs with innovative mindsets to their shores to become part of its labor force by fostering economic development.



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