Booking Flights to UK – How to Get Cheap Rates

Everyone is interested in practical advice on how to reduce travel expenses, and I’ve provided you with some of the best!

I’ve compiled 11 helpful fly-booking recommendations, the easiest approach to purchasing flight tickets in 2023, and answers to some commonly asked questions about this topic below.

However, by using these tried-and-true tips, you may learn how to find inexpensive flights and make significant savings on your airfare.

How to Get Cheap Rates in 11 Perfect Ste[ps

Of course, planning a vacation with a long list of dates in mind isn’t always feasible. Nonetheless, it might help if you’re adaptable.

Fortunately, being a student puts you in a position that makes this kind of flexibility possible.

Flying throughout the week typically costs less than flying on the weekends. Though they’re not often the most popular days of the week to travel, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays are fantastic for finding deals.

Numerous airline websites have made it simpler to identify low-cost travel days. Keep an eye out for “calendar view” booking systems, which allow you to see costs for the entire week you’re looking for.

This feature has been improved even further by Skyscanner, which displays flight costs in a convenient graph. You can easily discover which days are the cheapest to fly with it!

Additionally, give your flight time a lot of thought. Consider whether you could make it to the airport in time before choosing a 6 a.m. flight, even though it would be less expensive.

There is a potential that you won’t be able to get a lift, and public transportation may not be operating.

1. Verify the available locations.

Keep in mind that the UK’s peak season may not coincide with the peak season in other regions of the world. Costs change based on your destination.

If your destination isn’t too important to you, consider using this money-saving tip:

  • Go to Skyscanner
  • Choose the airport from which you want to fly. Click the destination box, just like you would type a message.
  • ‘Everywhere’ should be an option in a box that appears.
  • Click this, pick your dates, and then click “Search.”
  • The flights departing from the airport of your choice on that particular date will be listed, with the least expensive flights coming first.

If you’re willing to try somewhere new but aren’t flexible with dates, this is a wonderful alternative.

Never let locations you’ve never heard of deter you. You may discover that it offers all the sun, sea, sand, and other elements you’re searching for if you do some web research.

You can use Skyscanner to filter flights that emit less CO2. To lessen your carbon footprint, this is worthwhile in addition to offsetting the emissions from your flight.

2. Fly on weekdays when you’re working

You can save money by choosing to travel during the week because flights departing on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in particular, are less expensive during this time.

The main cause of this is that travel is becoming less commonplace.

3. Use search engines to get flight prices

The greatest approach to getting amazing prices, like with almost anything you buy, is to shop around and do your research.

The good news is that there are a ton of websites that make comparing airline costs quicker and simpler.

Look for a decent deal on a bundle (flights and a hotel, for example) by using websites like Expedia.

Before deciding if it is more affordable to book separately, do this and examine the websites of the airlines.

You can also visit the top flight comparison websites.

Momondo offers a graph that makes it apparent which days are the least expensive to fly around on the dates you have selected.

If finding the fastest route is more important to you, you may also change the search parameters to emphasize that.

As previously noted, Skyscanner, Travel Supermarket, and Kayak are other useful websites.

4. Book through travel agents for students

Some specialized student travel companies are well-known for helping students go where they want to go at a lower cost. For students and anyone under thirty, Student Universe is a great resource.

Making reservations with Student Universe or other travel companies may also take you to unexpected places.

There are also a ton of student-focused holidays that provide social gatherings, activities, and—most importantly—discounts!

However, if you do go to a high-street travel agent, resist the urge to make a reservation before you’re sure.

Keep in mind that they are essentially attempting to close a deal, so before you sign anything, make sure you are completely sold.

In fact, by contrasting the quotations from these organizations with any internet offers, you may be able to save money. When you spend money, do a lot of research.

5. Book early, so do your research beforehand.

Although they rarely are, last-minute offers have the reputation of being an inexpensive alternative.

Making reservations well in advance, even a year in advance, is the way to go. When airline seats are first made available, usually a year or two before the actual flight, they are expensive.

Thus, as soon as tickets go on sale, get online. In the final few days before the flight, prices can decrease once again before increasing.

But if it’s a popular flight, there’s a potential that prices won’t drop at all or that the flight will sell out before you acquire your ticket, so it’s probably not a risk worth taking.

6. Cheap airplane tickets can be obtained through package vacations

You may receive savings on airfare and lodging when you reserve a package vacation. This is so that travel agencies can obtain substantial savings due to the volume of tickets they book.

Occasionally, the cost of an entire vacation can be less than that of a standard ticket.


7. Go incognito when booking flights

One of the best ways to get inexpensive flights is to search for tickets as anonymously as possible.

The cost of flights varies based on demand. Airlines determine ticket prices based on information about the number of individuals who seek out and purchase tickets.

Therefore, the price may go up if you’ve got your eye on a certain flight and have been checking back.

The airline is attempting to extort a few more dollars from you since they know you will probably purchase it.

Try clearing your search cookies to prevent this. Next, observe the price when your browser’s history has been cleared.

Using an incognito browser is an additional alternative (you can find it when you go to launch a new tab or window).

This keeps your identity and location hidden from airlines, which shouldn’t have an impact on the costs shown.

When you make your reservation, consider the flight’s departure time.

If you’re ready to travel at an early hour, you could also be able to find cheap airfare. Because that time slot is less popular, flying at six in the morning can be less expensive than flying later in the day.

The only issue you might have is getting to the airport at this time; if you are unable to acquire a taxi or a lift, check that public transportation is operating.

8. Pay for flights with a credit card

Using a credit card to pay for a flight has many benefits.

You are protected when you make larger purchases when you use a credit card, which is one of its benefits.

For instance, if the airline or travel agency goes out of business, you will be eligible for a refund if you spend more than $100 on a flight.

Check first, because this may not always be the case with your debit card.

Additionally, credit cards offer higher exchange rates than debit cards and are more helpful when making purchases abroad.

You can save a little bit extra on your airline tickets by using some credit cards, which give you air miles for every dollar you spend.

When you buy your plane ticket, they might also give you a specific amount of cashback.

9. Connection flights occasionally have lower fares.

It is almost always less expensive to plan a flight with a connection than a direct one when arranging long-haul travel.

Your trip time may increase, but you’ll probably save money this way.

On comparison websites, uncheck the “direct flights only” box to see if prices drop any.

But be mindful of the risk that is here. You may miss a connecting connection if one of your earlier flights is delayed.

If something goes wrong, you should have access to affordable student travel insurance.

On comparison websites, it’s also a good idea to search by country rather than by city. Airports in main cities are typically more costly, whereas airports on the outskirts typically cater to low-cost carriers.

You may be able to reduce the cost of the flight by expanding your search to include these options.

It can also be worthwhile to think about a layover if you’re not in a rush to get where you’re going to save money.

To find out if spending a day or two somewhere else on the way would be more affordable, try looking for connecting flights separately. Imagine it as just another little vacation!

10. Make combined travel and lodging reservations.

For students, package holidays are frequently a fantastic choice. They’re affordable and suitable for people of all ages. You’ll agree if you’ve ever seen Coach Trip.

When you purchase a vacation package, you can often receive savings on airfare in addition to savings on lodging, airport transportation, and on-site activities like bus tours.

Vacation firms typically receive the most discounts since they book in such huge quantities. On occasion, a whole vacation might be purchased for less money than a standard airfare.

However, if you want to travel and dine out a lot while on vacation, this might not be the best choice for you.

Eating all of your meals at your hotel will save you the standard amount of money because food and beverages are included in the price.

11. Seek out offers and discounts for students.

While it may seem apparent, always make sure to inquire about student discounts when making travel arrangements.

This holds for domestic as well as international travel, and it applies to both airlines and vacation businesses.

It may not seem very enticing to sign up for travel company newsletters because the last thing anyone wants is spam in their inboxes. Still, it’s usually the best approach to finding the finest bargains.


Which month has the lowest airfare to the UK?

The most recent price data was updated on December 3, 2023. At $652 on average, November is now the least expensive month to book a ticket to England. June travel to England will be the most expensive (average $1,184).

How can I find the cheapest flight?

Give yourself plenty of time to decide on the travel date after you’ve decided on your destination.

After you are certain of the dates, start looking into flights and finish reserving the ticket in about a week. If you put off making the reservation too much, you may miss out on the low-cost flight.

When is the best month to book flights?

Vacation planning ought to be a thrilling experience! Finding the ideal time to plan a flight might seem like a maze, especially with so many places at your fingertips. Thus, make use of our knowledge to ensure that you receive the greatest offer!

Based on our research, January is the most affordable month to take a trip, with average ticket prices for departures from the UK being £241, while July has the highest average flight price of £288.

Naturally, though, costs and patterns differ depending on the location, duration of the trip, and several other variables, including the weather and season.

To receive the best deals, attempt to book your flight in January.

Which day is the cheapest in the UK to book a flight?

The online travel company Expedia claims that people who buy return tickets from the UK on Sundays rather than Fridays can save about 21% on domestic flights and 24% on international ones, according to their 2024 Air Travel Hacks Report.


Finding cheap tickets to the UK necessitates planning and taking flexibility, schedule, and airline options into account.

You may improve your chances of locating affordable fares by being organized, weighing your options, and keeping an open mind about other airports.

Above all, remember to be flexible with your trip schedule, search through a variety of booking platforms, and keep an eye out for deals. Happy travels!


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