How To Get A Tech Job In The UK From Outside The UK

If you live in Nigeria, South Africa, or any other African country or just any way that’s not in the UK, but you want to work in the UK, as well as get a job with a visa sponsorship, there is the need to adopt a strategic approach. Having all the required resources at your disposal, you can begin a tech career in the UK whose job market is always thriving and very dynamic.

Whether you’re a graduate or a skilled professional willing to work in another field, this article discusses how to get a tech job in the UK that will leave you earning passive income. Now, let’s delve into the key elements that can pave the way to a successful tech career in the UK.

What are the Most In-Demand Tech Jobs in the UK?

Before we take you on a journey on how to secure a good tech job in the UK, let’s look at some of the in-demand jobs you need to know to find the one that suits your preferences and interests. The UK among other developed countries around the world tops the list of having innovations and cutting-edge tech companies in the world.

Therefore, several tech jobs are available within various industries for those willing to work. Amazingly, the demand for tech professionals has increased significantly over time, since all businesses and other sectors rely on technology for their daily operations.

Software Developers

Software development is very important in such a way that it is one of the most in-demand jobs in the UK. Their roles are essential because they usually, design, code, and also test software applications. This is what makes them a useful part of any technology team.

Concerning this, businesses continue to rely on the likes of software and digital solutions every day, and this requires the service of a software developer making the job’s presence continue to grow as time goes on.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is another tech job whose demand in the UK is usually high. The services of tech professionals in this field are needed by various organizations that are reliant on technology since they will need an effective security strategy to protect their databases and assets. This is where the job of tech professionals specializing in cyber security comes in. They ensure that these businesses are protected from cyber threats and any form of malicious attacks.

Cloud Engineers

Cloud engineers are also included in this list because they manage the deployment and maintenance of cloud-based applications and services. Most uprising businesses cannot do without the service of a cloud engineer because they want to move their operations to the cloud for privacy, efficiency, and protection. Therefore, the demand for tech professionals in this field is likely to continue to grow.

IT Technicians

Every business and home in the UK would want to engage the services of IT technicians due to their demands for technology solutions. It is a well-known fact that the world now relies on technology. From individuals to families, governments, and various organizations around the world, they need skilled personnel to manage their networks, troubleshoot complicated technical problems, and maintain data security.

In the UK the job of an IT technician pays well unlike others because most of their technological infrastructure won’t work smoothly and safely without frequently requiring the service of IT technicians. Additionally, IT technicians can also provide support in areas such as cloud computing and others.

Data Analytics

Lastly, data analysts are highly sought after in the UK. This is because they are needed to collect, organize, and analyze data to provide insights and make important decisions for businesses. Every business outfit wants to expand and surpass their fellow competitors. Therefore, they can’t achieve these without being in close talks with tech professionals in data Analytics whose demand grows over the years to come.

Steps to Get a Tech Job in the UK from Outside the UK

Look for an Industry in the UK That Aligns with Your Skills and Interests

The first step to undertake when you intend to get a job from outside the UK is to look for an industry in the country that requires your services and skills. Of course, there are numerous industries in the UK, this presupposes that you should familiarize yourself by knowing more about that particular industry especially if you have little or no tech experience.

It will help you during your interview process after applying for your preferred tech job. After employment, you will be able to showcase your skills and knowledge as well as your enthusiasm to work in the country.

Other areas where you can get a tech job in the UK include Finance and Medicine. Concerning the latter, you can transition into Biotech if it happens to be a suitable option for your option. Note that your skill and knowledge matter when applying to any industry so it would serve as an advantage in the application process.

Showcase your soft skills

In the UK tech industry, there are both requirements for technical skills and soft skills. If you’re not an expert in programming or engineering, then it’s likely that you possess soft skills that enable you to apply for various roles. You can start by becoming a project manager.

This job also pays well since project management has grown by 8x in the last year, indicating the demand for non-technical roles in some industries. Some companies within the UK help train their employees to improve their hard skills since soft skills involve personality qualities.

Most importantly, remember to highlight your passion, personality, and knowledge throughout the process of getting your desired tech job in the UK. If you have abilities to communicate strongly, make use of them by becoming creative and extremely organized.

Work on Your Tech CV

You may have been writing applications to different companies in the past and most of them are usually not detailed enough to convince your employers. You’re probably selling yourself short if you’re ready to take the time to tailor your CV to suit and align with your tech skills.

Consider this as very important especially when the employer has specified the roles and candidates in their job descriptions. So don’t keep sending the same CV used for your previous applications. Ensure to update them frequently.

Prepare For Your Interview

Tailoring your CV to look appealing and presentable in the eyes of your potential employers is just the first stage of getting a tech job in the UK. You have to increase your chances of success and to do that, get fully prepared for your incoming interview. Ensure that everything is on point so that there won’t be blunders. This also includes getting your outfits and introductions sorted out.

The best way to tackle this is by thinking about some potential questions that you might be required to answer. Note that most tech interviews will be highly focused on your hard skills and your mindset. This is done to test whether your knowledge is relevant to the industry.

On the other hand, you don’t need to panic if you’re not certain about what might come up. Nevertheless, several guides are available online to guide you to fully prepare for any IT interviews or tackle any questions that might arise.

4. Start Networking

When it comes to tech, networking is very important to consider. The tech industry itself won’t work smoothly if tech gurus don’t stick together to make a difference when it comes to innovations.

If you’re notified about any upcoming IT events, ensure to attend by using the opportunity to reach out to your mentors to start learning new things as well as getting your name out there.

Your area of networking with other personalities can instantly land you a good tech job in the UK especially if your behavioral patterns align with their cultural fit.

Expand Your Skill Set

If you have a focus on any particular job in the UK’s tech industry while having the required skill set, it is always important to expand such skills. Consider this as an opportunity to keep on growing the knowledge of what you know.

Whether you’re proficient in coding language, website design, or industrial design, ensure that your skills are up to date. You can even get to the extent of attending training or webinars to learn more about your skills.

If necessary, Web designers could open a website, design it to showcase their skills, and attach the link to all applications sent out to various tech companies in the UK.

Utilize Online Platforms

Since you have the dream of getting a job in the UK. You need to try out several platforms on the internet where you will be able to develop your skills as well as browse tech jobs in the UK. Almond Careers is one of the credible platforms where you can gain practical job experience in various tech fields like project management, business analytics, software testing, and others.

You will be able to secure this training with a visa sponsorship. Whether you’re from Africa or any part of the world, this training is not selective in considering potential applicants.

After undertaking all the necessary training related to your specific field, you will be able to get a tech job in the UK. Amazingly, this would be a great opportunity because tech jobs pay high as stated earlier. For example, the average salaries for project managers in the UK range from £40k to £65k per year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I switch to a tech career UK?

When planning on switching to a tech career in the UK, you should know that anyone can get into tech-related aspects without having a university degree in such a field. To start a career you can try other vocational and academic alternatives like apprenticeship, T Levels, Graduate schemes, and other companies that can consider your skills to give you a job.

What is a high salary in the UK?

The high-paid employees earn over £23.7 per hour, while low-paid employees make £10.5 per hour. This means high-income earners make £45,504 annually, and low-income earners make £20,160 annually.

How much is rent in the UK?

The average private rent is £200 per week or £868 per month, and social renters pay an average of £102 per week or £442 per month. In the UK, the average household pays £1,480 per month in rent, equivalent to £341 per week.

Can you get a job in the UK from abroad?

Yes, you can because the UK provides different work visas like the Skilled Worker Visa, Tier 2 General Visa, and Graduate Immigration Visa, which are important for securing employment. Each visa comes with its unique requirements, duration, and conditions.

What is a low-class salary in the UK?

More than 13 million people in the UK are living in low-income households. The Minimum Income Standard Project defines low pay as bout the cost of living, stating that for a single-person household, anything less than £25,500 per year before tax is considered low pay.

Is It hard to get a tech job in the UK?

The demand for tech talent in the UK is increasing rapidly, with over 2 million job vacancies in the tech sector in the last year. Ongoing technological advancements are continually creating new tech and IT roles, making it an opportune time to consider transitioning to a career in tech.


Are you having a good tech skills? If yes, it is very important not to overlook your capabilities because various companies or firms in the UK need skilled professionals like you to apply to get a tech job. As far as the UK is concerned, getting employed and being assigned to assume any role or position in a tech company is worth it because there is always a good paycheck attached regardless of the level of work or kind of skills possessed.


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