Mining Jobs in Canada, Application Process and Requirements and Provinces where the Job’s are available.

The continent of Canada is abundant in mineral resources. This has contributed to Canada being known as the mining capital of the world, as hundreds of thousands of people from all across the nation have used their entrepreneurial spirit, expertise, and abilities to create one of the biggest industries in the world for the production of metals and minerals.

The greatest Canadian provinces for mining jobs are covered in this article.

Canada is one of the top five producers of thirteen important metals and minerals. The figures are:

  • Potash ranks first.
  • Uranium and niobium rank second.
  • nickel, cobalt, aluminum, and platinum group metals rank third;
  • Gold and diamonds rank fourth.

Numerous activities are associated with mining, such as mineral development, mining production, mineral processing, reclamation of mine sites, and much more.

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Concerning the mining sector in Canada, the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia account for over 90% of mining activity and production in the country. Now let’s examine these three Canadian mining giants:


One of the best places in Canada for interested parties to locate mining jobs is Quebec. The largest province in the nation, Quebec offers a wide variety of options and produces one-fifth of all mining produced in the country.

A brief overview of the province’s history reveals that Quebec’s mining history began in the 17th century. It has been a major driver of the province’s economic prosperity ever since.

There are now over 530 surface mining sites and 27 operational mines in the province.

Numerous minerals, including niobium, titanium dioxide, zinc, cobalt, platinum, iron concentrate, and gold, are produced at these locations.

It will please Canadian job seekers that the mining sector in Quebec is dispersed throughout the province.

There are many mining career prospects due to the mining activity in many places, from Montreal to the more isolated northern regions.

Additionally, interested parties can settle across the province and be closer to employment due to the numerous cities with substantial mining activity, such as Rouyn-Noranda, Val-d’Or, Chibougamau, and Sept-Îles.

The province’s broad and diversified population also makes it appealing to competent overseas workers. Numerous immigrants have entered the technical and engineering fields with success.


In Quebec, mining operations include:

  • iron ore
  • zinc
  • gold
  • diamonds

The province’s mining operations are spread out throughout it, from Montreal, the main metropolis, to the more isolated northern areas.

The Ontario

Ontario is the second Canadian province that is a great place to find mining jobs. It forecasts a prosperous future for the mining sector, with great job opportunities through 2023 and beyond.

Indeed, it is the top mineral producer in Canada and home to the biggest mining corporations globally. The province reported CAD 10.1 billion worth in 2018.

The province’s mining industry now comprises a diverse range of natural resources, including nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum, diamonds, and gold, in contrast to the mid-1800s when gold was discovered in the region.

In addition to employing thousands of foreign workers and Canadians, Ontario’s sector has a big environmental impact.

With an estimated yearly expenditure of CAD 103 million on environmental engineering, environmental technologies, and land restoration, Ontario’s mining businesses are among the greenest in the world.

Another factor that draws those seeking mining jobs to Ontario is the fact that the province has some of the safest mining sectors in the world.

The province has also been successful in luring qualified foreign laborers to the mining sector, providing immigrants with highly sought-after talents with enough chances.

British Columbia

Not to be overlooked is British Columbia. Numerous mining firms are drawn to the province due to its innovative culture and growing venture capital industry.

Vancouver serves as the center of mining activity in the region, and it is also home to the highest concentration of mining enterprises.

British Columbia is unique in Canada in that it has a wide variety of mineral resources, even though many other provinces have sizable mining sectors.

In contrast to the mid-1800s, when the industry focused mostly on mining gold, it currently works with a variety of minerals, such as copper, gold, silver, coal, and molybdenum.

At the moment, the northern and central parts of British Columbia are the centers of the province’s mining industry.

Almost 10,000 people are employed by the sector, both directly and indirectly, supporting an additional 33,000 jobs in British Columbia.

To put that in perspective, the value of the province’s mineral production was generated by the mining industry in 2019 and was CAD 11.7 billion.

British Columbia is unique in that it is dedicated to using sustainable mining methods. The province has invested heavily in technologies and innovations to lessen environmental effects and increase safety, and it has done so through a strong regulatory framework that guarantees mining businesses follow strict environmental and social standards.

For competent foreign laborers, the province also provides mining employment prospects. The diversified and inclusive work culture of the province is another reason for its high ranking.

It has been successful in persuading businesses to enhance the representation of women, Native Americans, and other marginalized groups.

Canadian Provinces With Mining-Related Activities

There is more to the mining sector than just mines. It also contains numerous sub-industries that provide a variety of jobs for many Canadians, such as:

  • public geoscience
  • exploration
  • community engagement and consultation
  • environmental permitting and monitoring
  • health and safety
  • land-use planning
  • financing and investment
  • mine construction and operation
  • technological innovation
  • services and equipment supply
  • the restoration of former mine sites
  • processing and refining

Top Ontario Mining Companies

The mining firms in Ontario that posted the most job openings online during the previous year are shown below.

To see the positions they are actively hiring for, visit their websites or Careermine pages (keep in mind that not all of them are on Careermine).

  • Newmont Goldcorp
  • Vale
  • Cameco Inc.
  • Detour Gold Corporation
  • Orica
  • Alamos Gold Inc.
  • Hudbay Minerals Inc.
  • Sherritt International Corporation
  • Kinross Gold

Highest-paying mining jobs in Canadaword image 6561 2

1. Trade and Skilled

  • Wages: $100,000 and up

Operators, technicians, and miners fall into the trades and skilled category. The firm and location are the only factors that affect salary.

A few operators make up to $111k annually.

Your earnings in the trade and skilled category are based on your education, training, and working environment.

You’re ready to collect the money if you’ve worked in dangerous underground environments before and are ready. In Canada, underground miners can earn up to $150,000 annually.

2. Health and Safety

  • Wages: $110,000 and up

Professionals with expertise in health and safety can also find employment in the mining sector, where salaries can reach $110,000 or more.

This is because mining endeavors to ensure that its activities are both ecologically sustainable and safe.

Therefore, you can further your career in this section if you are a professional in the environmental, occupational health, and safety fields.

Earnings as an environmental officer can range from $60,000 to $115,000. On the other hand, the annual salary of an elite occupational health and safety specialist approaches $190,000.

3. Metallurgist

  • Wages: $220,000 and up

Metallurgists are among the highest-paid workers in the mining sector. The annual salary range for a recent graduate in metallurgy is $50,000 to $90,000.

They are highly valued in the business for their proficiency in metal characteristics as well as their understanding of metal extraction, casting, alloying, and heating treatment.

Because of this, the role pays between $220,000 and $250,000 annually.

3. Geologists and Geosciences

  • Wages: $200,000 and up

Exploration geologists and mine geologists make up this sector. The exploration geologist is in charge of resource appraisal and finding, whereas the mine geologist makes sure that sampling is done correctly and that mining takes place in the proper locations.

Nonetheless, the annual salary for both careers is high, ranging from $90,000 to $230,000.

4. Engineers

  • Wages: $230,000 and up

Mining engineers make some of the highest salaries. The third-highest paying jobs in the industry are those in engineering. Senior engineers can anticipate making up to $230,000 annually.

5. Management

  • Wages: $250,000 and up

Management is where the money is, and a general manager, project controls manager, or site general manager will make between $250,000 and $350,000 annually.

The project director and drilling operations director are the two highest-paying jobs on a mining project.

The project director is responsible for giving the project strategic leadership. Simultaneously, the Drilling Operations Director is accountable for the mining company’s comprehensive planning, guidance, and implementation of drilling operations.

Training and Skills Needed for Mining in Canada

If you wish to work in an unregulated position, you must give an overview of your training, certifications, and work history.

The following is a list of the documentation’s necessary activities:

  • What responsibilities did you have in your prior job?
  • Describe the abilities and expertise you applied at work.
  • Obtain letters of recommendation from superiors, associates, and other reputable people you worked closely with. (if feasible) Present work samples.
  • Offer to finish a quick task so the employer may see what knowledge and abilities you possess.

How to Find a Mining Job in Canada

Internationally skilled individuals find the Canadian mining industry to be highly profitable due to its abundance of opportunities.

It’s easy to find employment in this industry and to apply for it. This is because a large number of Canadian mining corporations list employment openings on their websites.

Nevertheless, you can try searching for mining opportunities on Canada’s internet employment portals.

The following are a few of them:

  • Careermine
  • Indeed,
  • Monster,
  • Workopolis
  • LinkedIn

10 Unexpected Jobs in the Mining Industry

The mining business offers a wide range of unexpected job and career prospects. The mining business in Ontario has released the positions listed below. Among them are:

  1. Human Resources Specialist
  2. Food Service Supervisor
  3. Legal Counsel
  4. Disability Management Specialist
  5. Dental Laboratory Technician
  6. Carpenter and Painter
  7. Content Writer and Strategist
  8. Janitor
  9. Security Guard
  10. Technology Consultant Sales


Where in Canada is mining primarily located?

Every province and territory produces minerals. More than three-quarters of Canada’s entire mineral production value in 2021 came from four provinces: Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

Are there enough jobs in mining in Canada?

In Canada, the need for mining jobs seems to be steady, as the industry is still expanding in several regions. Like the rest of the globe, the nation is turning to renewable energy sources, but these sources need minerals that are extracted through mining.

Which Canadian province has the most job opportunities?

  • British Columbia.
  • Nova Scotia.
  • Alberta.
  • Ontario.
  • Quebec.

Which part of Canada has an abundance of minerals?

Mineral riches abound in Canada. Large amounts of igneous and metamorphic rocks can be found throughout the huge Canadian Shield.

These rock types in the Appalachians and Western Cordillera also include metallic minerals.

Which Canadian province requires the greatest immigration?

The most popular immigration destination in Canada is Ontario, where many newcomers are attracted by the vibrant metropolis of Toronto and its expanding tech employment market. As a result, the province has a sizable allotment for facilitating the immigration of newcomers via PNP streams.

In Canada, which province is the coldest?

The Nunavut. Based on statistical data, Eureka in Nunavut is generally the coldest site in Canada, with annual average temperatures of about −19.7 °C, or −3 °F.

Which mining firm is the largest in Canada?

With a market valuation of 58.1 billion dollars as of April 2022, fertilizer business Nutrien had the highest market capitalization of any mining company in Canada. With 44.3 billion US dollars, the gold mining business Barrick Gold ranked second at the time.

Are mining engineers in demand in Canada?

Some Canadian provinces ha have a strong demand for mining engineers, who can apply through the Federal Skilled Worker Program and Temporary Foreign Workers Program. They can use Express Entry to immigrate to Canada.

What is the salary of miners in Canada?

In Canada, the average mining wage is $52.58 per hour or $102,523 per year. Most experienced workers make up to $145,729 annually, while entry-level occupations start at $74,481 each year.


The nation boasts a thriving mining sector that employs competent personnel from both domestic and international backgrounds.

Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia are the best three Canadian provinces to locate mining employment in 2023 and beyond if you’re seeking one.

These provinces are dedicated to using sustainable mining methods, have a wealth of mining history, and offer a variety of mineral resources.

But there are sizable mining businesses in other Canadian provinces as well, so you should always look into your possibilities while looking for mining jobs in Canada.


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