How To Get A Job In Toronto: A Comprehensive Guide

Have you recently moved to Toronto, possibly from another country or place inside Canada?

Settling down was a difficult process, but you eventually accomplished it, and now you’re asking, “What’s the best way to get a job?”

It all starts with acquiring all of the necessary information and being prepared for what lies ahead.

To work in Toronto, you must have a work permit and a social security number. If you need clarification about how to proceed, first educate yourself about the prerequisites for moving to Canada, and then learn more about work permits.

Next, focus on your résumé or CV. Make sure it can fulfill Canadian standards. You should also strengthen your command of the English or French languages, as these are the most often utilized modes of communication in Toronto.

In the next section, we’ll go over how to get a job in Toronto, beginning with resumes and progressing to Toronto’s labor market, platforms/job boards to keep an eye out for, and much more.

How Can I Improve My Resume to Increase My Chances of Landing a Job in Toronto?

While Toronto has plenty of career options, keep in mind that other professionals are looking for the same positions.

To distinguish and improve your prospects, your résumé must be persuasive. It is often beneficial to update your résumé after each work milestone, shift in duties, job promotion, or new certification.

Similarly, if you’ve learned new skills or completed a project, include that information on this page.

Unfortunately, some Toronto recruiters will want to see some job experience in Canada on your résumé before considering you for opportunities, particularly those above entry level.

One method to deal with such a circumstance is to start briefly. If your employer is impressed by your potential, he or she will likely hire you after a few months.

Furthermore, you will have some local work experience. If you need additional assistance, contact Toronto’s reputed résumé writing service professionals.

What You Should Know About the Toronto Labor Market

In late 2023, Canada’s unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in nearly nine years. In Ontario alone, employment increased by almost 137,900 net new jobs.

Furthermore, the unemployment rate in Ontario has been lower than the national average for more than two years.

That, combined with the fact that Toronto is the country’s economic hub, implies that a range of economic sectors are now doing well in Toronto and are likely to provide you with a job.

A large share of the available jobs are full-time and in industries that provide above-average wages.

Some of these thriving sectors are:

  • Finance industry
  • Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Food and Drinks
  • Life sciences

According to Global News Canada, the following positions were listed as some of the most demanding in Canada earlier this year:

  • General laborer
  • Sales representative
  • Accountant
  • Engineering project manager
  • Business analyst
  • Customer service representative
  • IT project manager
  • Account manager
  • Software engineer
  • Forklift operators

If you are also interested in understanding the general minimum pay rate, in Ontario, the minimum pay rate is 14.00 CAD per hour.

However, the minimum wage rate varies for students, house workers, fishing and hunting guides, and waiters in alcohol-serving establishments.

Although Toronto’s work market appears to be bright, keep in mind that it is also very competitive. So, make sure you’re prepared before making your initial move.

How To Get A Job In Toronto in 7 Simple Steps

1. Ensure that you are eligible to work in Canada.

Toronto has a long history of welcoming immigrants, and obtaining a visa in Canada is very simple when compared to many European countries.

For many immigration applicants, Express Entry is an option; there are minimal restrictions to working in Canada aside from finding work.

Use the CRS calculator to determine your odds of applying through Express Entry. If you want to find out if you qualify for express entry, visit Canada’s immigration services website.

Knowing your eligibility ahead of time can save you time on your job search if you do not meet the requirements.

2. Consider the types of available jobs.

Toronto is Canada’s financial center, so there are plenty of work opportunities in the financial sector.

Other major businesses in the city include media, technology, and tourism, and the city has a thriving startup environment.

Aside from the major sectors, there are also some other thriving industries. Knowing which ones are the largest will help you decide whether Toronto is the ideal city for you.

As you begin your job search, examine the predominance of your industry.

3. Look online.

Because of its proximity, many job search sites in Toronto are identical to those in the United States.

When looking for work, the Internet offers a diverse selection of chances in a variety of industries and is often the best place to begin.

Some of the most popular websites to search for employment in Toronto are:

  • Toronto Jobs is customized exclusively to the city (be sure to check out their job fair as well!)
  • Workopolis offers a wide range of employment opportunities across Canada.
  • Where you can discover listings of Canada’s top 100 employers.
  • Career Builder provides a variety of openings.
  • Eluta searches among Canada’s top 100 employers.
  • Hot Jobs in Canada provides a good range of chances in your area.

It’s also a good idea to look at the top employment sites, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, and Simply Hired.

4. Find a recruiter.

While online searching provides the best alternatives, it cannot provide the individualized job search that a recruiter can.

Working with an agency can provide you with detailed assistance in drafting your cover letter or revising your resume, as well as interview suggestions and background information on the companies to which you will be applying.

It’s a good idea to look around for an agency that’s perfect for you, but the following recruiters are widely evaluated and well-respected in Toronto:

  • Apex Life Sciences offers science, engineering, and research positions.
  • The Judge Group seeks to place candidates in technology and healthcare positions.
  • Procom works with professionals seeking careers in IT.
  • Aquent places people in jobs across a variety of industries.
  • Vitamin T focuses on creative talent.
  • The Select Group works with experts looking for positions in several fields.

5. Do some networking

A solid professional network is one of the most crucial aspects of any job hunt, and it is especially beneficial while looking for work in Toronto.

If you have time to visit the city before or during your job hunt, attending professional events is one of the most effective ways to gain an advantage over your competition.

The Hip Haus hosts events focusing on networking with other young professionals in a casual setting.

For a comprehensive list of networking events, see Kijiji’s networking events forum, Eventbrite’s Toronto Gatherings, or Toronto Eventful’s networking meetings.

To meet Toronto’s professional women, consider joining the Ellevate Network.

To meet other professionals in a more social setting, attend Toronto Business Casual.

6. Ensure your CV is up to date.

There are numerous jobs available in Toronto, but it is important to note that many professionals are competing for them. If you want to be considered for the position, you’ll need a CV that sticks out.

7. Apply for a Canadian work visa

The Canadian Department of Immigration has made it pretty simple to apply for a work visa.

The entire process can be performed online, and all you need to bring with you are scanned copies of the required work permit documents.

Once you have your documents in order, you can apply for your permission through the Canadian government’s web portal.

While the application procedure is quite simple, many native-English speakers get stalled on one immigration technicality when attempting to obtain Express Entry or a Skilled Immigrant visa.

Even if you are a native English speaker, you will have to take a formal language exam. The CELPIP and IELTS are both accepted language examinations.

Where Do I Find Job Postings in Ontario?

Before you apply for a work visa, you should contact a few organizations in your industry to inquire about any open openings.

To boost your chances of being considered for a position, work on your networking abilities and strive to create strong professional connections with your potential employer.

Strive to find ways to let them know you intend to relocate to Canada and that you are excited about the opportunities that await.

One strategy to find your ideal employer is to browse the main Internet job boards in Canada.

Job boards

Examples include:

  • JobBank is Canada’s official job board. The website contains thorough information on the prerequisites for each offered position, as well as job outlooks and career trends.
  • Indeed – Indeed is popular in Toronto and other cities across the world. Every week, hundreds of available jobs are uploaded to the website.
  • Monster – Monster is a complete website where you can receive career guidance, and tools, and publish your CV while you wait for possible recruiters to contact you.

Others include:

  • Toronto jobs
  • Workopolis
  • Eluta
  • Hot Jobs In Canada
  • Career Builder

Community Organizations And Social Services

Another option to narrow down your job search is to connect with Toronto-based community organizations and social agencies that specialize in assisting recent immigrants.

You will not only attend workshops about the labor market and life in Toronto, but you will also meet and learn from other professionals.

Career Cards

To assist international skilled workers seeking career possibilities in Toronto, the government of Ontario collaborated with regulatory agencies to develop career cards.

These cards provide information regarding the registration process, language requirements, labor market conditions, and much more on how to find work in Toronto.

To learn more, go to the Ontario Immigration website.

Consortium of Agencies Serving Internationally Trained Professionals (CASIP)

CASIP offers language training, workshops, and other resources to newcomers looking for jobs in Toronto and the surrounding areas.

These programs span a wide range of fields, including accounting, finance, and sales, as well as engineering, business management, and human resources.

Aside from learning how to seek a job in Toronto, you’ll also have the opportunity to network.


How lengthy should my resume be for Canada?

Your resume should be approximately two pages long. If you don’t have much experience, one page is sufficient.

How can I shorten my resume?

Don’t discuss previous jobs. Previous positions that are less relevant to the role can be mentioned in just one or two lines.

You do not need to include references, a signature, your birth date, gender, race, nationality, or marital status.

Should I include all of my employment history on my CV?

Only provide your entire work history if it applies to the position you are applying for. Your CV should only contain essential information. Include recent employers and/or employers who are relevant to the job.

Should I include references on my CV?

Generally, you do not need to add references to your CV. If the employer so desires, he or she may request their contact information.

If the job description specifies that the company would like to contact your references, you might mention them on your CV.

Should I apply to jobs in person?

You are not required to apply for jobs in person in Canada


Consider this article to be a concise overview of all you’ve ever wanted to know about how to find work in Toronto.

To summarize, become acquainted with the immigration requirements, study the labor market, and then concentrate on your resume.

When it’s ready, start your search. If possible, use all of the platforms we’ve recommended. Do not forget to use your best networking talents as well.

Above all, discover ways to stand out to survive the fierce competition.


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