Why was Temmybiz Created?

We initially started out as a site focused to giving you the very best of financial updates which includes well researed articles on Point of Sale machines and stuffs like that.

Overtime we got to understand we had a hidden passion for Football reporting which we thought it wise to Give you updates concerning our love for football.

We research the very best of football daily latest news and send to fans through our platform being this site for fans to consume.

So how do we get our Traffic or rather Readers?

Getting football readers to our site at first was challenging but overtime we got to discover we could bring passionate fans from our Facebook audience of over 10 million followers to consume contents from this site.

Since the moment of taking this our hidden passion to being a reality we have been able to comfortably bring over 20k daily unique users to Consume well researched  contents from our platform and we aim to continue doing more of that.


Proves don’t lie it’s already a privilege getting to see signs of we turned out to be big in this industry seeing we just started out some moments back.

Who are the faces behind  this Project?

We have been dedicated to ensure this site turns out to be a household name any where football is being talked.

Together with our Team of writers we are determined to ensure this dream turns out to be a reality.

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